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While I dream of someday doing a 30 day juice fast, that day has not yet come. Until then, I am trying to work juice into my everyday diet. Here is one of my favorites. This is my rendition of Natalia Rose’s ever popular “Green Lemonade.” It’s very similar to the original, but with a few additions. It makes a good amount of juice for breakfast or lunch and will fill you up for hours!

Spring Cleaning Juice

– 1 heart of romaine

– 3 apples (try to pick something sweet, i.e. not granny smiths. Honeycrisps, fujis, braeburns and jazz apples are all delicious choices)

– 1 cucumber – 5 stalks of kale

– 1/2 of a golden beet

– 1 lemon

– 1 nub of ginger

Unfortunately, I can’t afford all organic produce right now so I do peel my cucumber and also my lemon. However, if you are using organic veggies and fruit, you can easily skip the peeling and just give everything a good wash.

Drink up, friends!

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