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I am sad to report that in the past three years I have gained 20 pounds. Once a raw food starlet making regular appearances at the farmer’s market and ample instructional youtube videos, I have no found myself loathing the skin I’m in. Since late high school I’ve always worn a size 8 pant, fitting into a few size 6s and even one or two size 4s when I was at my slimmest/healthiest. Now, I am down to two pairs of jeans that fit and they are size 10s. They do not fit loosely either, I’m afraid.

What happened? My educated guess is a combination of hormonal imbalance, stress, major life changes, not consistently taking my hyperthyroid medication, and completely snubbing regular exercise. I’ve tried countless times to return to my prior shape so that the 30 plus pairs of jeans on my closet floor in a laundry basket (some with tags still attached) can finally see the light of day. The reality is I lack either (or both) discipline and consistency.

I’m changing this, starting tomorrow. This has little to do with a post New Year’s glow and more to do with the fact that I am almost always tired and miserable and I have a wedding dress to wear in 3 months.  I decided to put my plan on the blog for accountability purposes and also in case anyone else is on a similar look-good-feel-good mission. I’ve been a vegetarian for 14 years now and during that time I’ve tried everything from morning star soy substitute addict to homesteading vegan. The one thing I’ve learned is not to set unreasonable goals for myself, as that will just leave me feeling further humiliated and disappointed.  I think the following plan should be very easy to follow, especially after the first week. As long as I can say no to culinary based social outings, politely but forcibly turn down home cooked Indian food, and watch Doctor Who while on the elliptical, I see no reason why I shouldn’t be able to lose 5-10 pounds and hopefully get into a size 8 by mid-February. If I slip up on accident or out of necessity  I’m OK with that, the important thing for me is that I’m aware of my actions and intake and proactive about moving more. Another thing I’ll be focusing on is improving my posture — it’s deplorable!

Week 1: January 7th – January 13th

  • breakfast: fruit based juice
  • lunch: vegetable based juice
  • dinner: low calorie, low fat vegan soup
  • elliptical 20-25 minutes 5 x a week
  • 72 ounces of water
 acceptable snacks: fresh grapefruit, 2 cups of coffee per week
 absolutely NO refined sugar, no dairy 

Week 2: January 14th – January 20th 

  • breakfast: fruit based juice
  • lunch: healthy salad or quinoa
  • dinner: low calorie, low fat vegan soup 1/4 avocado
  • elliptical 20-25 minutes 5 x a week PLUS a 10-15 minute walk
 acceptable snacks: fresh grapefruit, kale chips, 2 cups of coffee per week
 absolutely NO refined sugar, no dairy 

Week 3: January 21st – January 27th 

  • breakfast: fruit based juice
  • lunch and dinner pick from: low fat vegan soup, baked tofu with EVOO or grapeseed oil, healthy salad, quinoa, or roasted vegetables with EVOO
  • elliptical 20-25 minutes 5 x a week PLUS a 20-25 walk
 acceptable snacks: fresh grapefruit, kale chips, 2 cups of coffee per week
 absolutely NO refined sugar, MINIMAL dairy allowed but only on top of salad, must be vegetarian rennet based

When February hits, I’ll evaluate where I’m at and come up with a new or similar meal plan. I’ll also post photos and recipes as the month progresses.

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2 Responses to adventures in accountability

  1. Aamir says:

    you blog! cool. i will read it.

    have you read any Tim Ferriss? he’s an experimenter extraordinaire and a little taste of awesome.

    • jen says:

      I do blog. I have a reader. One reader! Yay!! Haha. I’d like to move away from facebook and blog more. I have not read any Tim Ferriss but I have read about him. Isn’t he a bit controversial? If I’m remembering correctly he has some radical work/diet four week, four hour something or other plans. Will check him out.

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