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This is a photo of me at a very classy restaurant playing puppets with the pasta tong. After spending my post-college years as a freelance writer and photographer I’ve decided to transition into nursing. I’m currently in school and hope to focus on natural and holistic medicine once I’ve completed years of arduous study and emptied out my life’s savings once again in the name of higher education. I’ve been a vegetarian for 14 years, ever since I watched a PBS documentary on how smart (not to mention adorable) pigs are. This little guy is one of my personal heros:

Read his story here

I love cooking, crafting, and cats among other things. Below is a pictorial sampler of my favorite things.

I am married to this guy, featured below in our “90s grunge” inspired Sears Christmas photo. Yes, that totally happened.

¬†On this blog you’ll find everything from book reviews to vegetarian recipes. I am an unapologetic spaz with an eclectic list of interests, so adjust your attention span and hang tight!


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