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creamy vegan watercress and leek soup – recipe

This evening I made a dieter’s dream version of one of my all time favorite soups, watercress and cream. I’ve made it once before, here, but this version is just as tasty with more benefits and less calories. To substitute … Continue reading

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indian style tomato and cabbage soup – recipe

Day 1 of “operation health, happiness and wedding dress” and I wanted to post the recipe for the tomato cabbage soup.  I’ve done OK today. So far I’ve had 1 cup of herbal tea with honey, 1 grapefruit, 1 juice … Continue reading

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adventures in accountability

    I am sad to report that in the past three years I have gained 20 pounds. Once a raw food starlet making regular appearances at the farmer’s market and ample instructional youtube videos, I have no found myself … Continue reading

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diy thanksgiving banner

  Super easy. Super cheap. Super cute. Travelling to family’s house for the holiday and I wanted to bring along some decorations that would be quick to make and a breeze to travel with. I purchased the paper at Michaels … Continue reading

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holiday holly garland DIY

Apple cider. Electric space heaters in the bathroom. Christmas knee socks. I find the holiday season cozy and charming, albiet a commercial venture. Until now, I’ve never really decorated during the winter months. Once my mom retired our beloved plastic … Continue reading

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gluten free, vegan, mini banana muffins – recipe

While I’ve never been a baker, I was struck with the sudden urge to make muffins this week. Maybe it’s the changing season. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m now a homeowner. Maybe it’s just an inherent muffin gene that … Continue reading

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gluten free, almost vegan pumpkin hempseed mini muffins – recipe

IT’S AUTUMN! Scarves, boots, cardigans. Cool night time walks. Warm, ruddy leaves falling. Holiday cheer. Beaujolais Nouveau. And most of all, pumpkins!! I have a major crush on pumpkins. They are both adorable and delicious, a shining example of aesthetics … Continue reading

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watermelon lemonade with moscato – recipe

As penance for spending my holiday weekend doing little other than sleeping, drinking, and watching the extended version of Lord of the Rings, I decided to do some much needed yard work today. The malbar spinach I planted in my … Continue reading

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“awesome eggplant explosion” – recipe

“Eggplant Awesome Explosion” is the name Samir has enthusiastically given this dish and, all modesty cast aside, I can’t say the title is misplaced. After eating eggplant out at chinese and thai restaurants I wanted to recreate a similar meal … Continue reading

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uncanny similarities

On the left, Samir. On the right, Butthead. Draw your own conclusions, friends.

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