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creamy vegan watercress and leek soup – recipe

This evening I made a dieter’s dream version of one of my all time favorite soups, watercress and cream. I’ve made it once before, here, but this version is just as tasty with more benefits and less calories. To substitute … Continue reading

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adventures in accountability

    I am sad to report that in the past three years I have gained 20 pounds. Once a raw food starlet making regular appearances at the farmer’s market and ample instructional youtube videos, I have no found myself … Continue reading

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baingan bharta – recipe

Eggplant. It’s probably my favorite vegetable, as evidenced by the bounty of eggplant recipes I’ve been posting lately. In Hindi eggplant is baingan and bharta, as I understand it, pretty much just means mashed up. I first ordered this dish … Continue reading

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winter asian salad – recipe

  Hands down, salads are one of my favorite dishes. In the winter months, though, it’s far more difficult for me to eat my greens. Less variety at the grocery store, lack of a farmer’s market, and the chilling temperatures … Continue reading

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